Abc. Fall Winter 2023

Our collective consciousness is an ever evolving revolving door forever in search of the current zeitgeist. This set of shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society at times can be what also divides us.

Throughout history, The United States of America has been considered a leader in culture. Studying, existing, and partaking in the past, present, and future of American culture allows us as critical thinkers to surmise that we are in the midst of a shift in consciousness. Of course, you don’t need us to tell you that…you can surely feel it. Why does everything feel so weird right now? Many believe the difference between now and then is based on pre and post pandemic life. However, we felt a shift coming before 2020. Is this the 80 year cycle? Will history repeat itself or are we writing a new future?

Time has changed, in fact, we recently read an article that states “time” as we know it may not even be real. This was after reading there was a breakthrough in unlimited clean energy, Ai is taking over, and what we should do as a society not if but when extraterrestrials make contact with us is all but undetermined. The internet has connected and divided us and in ways beyond the surface level aspects of social media, cancel culture, and trolls. Our habits have completely changed from how we grocery shop to how we watch movies and with it the generational jump is bigger than ever. The media has caught on as well, with articles, substacks, and Reddits discussing the micro time periods we’ve gone through and questioning where we are and where we are going. 2015-2017 is now an entire era. 2018-2019, remember how that felt? The status quo has been replaced by the current status quo, but with the explosion of input and opinions mixed with the deterioration of “quality” what is status and where did the quo go?

We started 2023 with our annual new years hoodie stating something we’ve been wanting to say for a while. “How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found.” We explained what that means to us and what that can mean to you, but again, whichever meaning you apply, you know what we mean. This puts us onto the path of “consciousness” for 2023, something that at Abc. is a forever and ongoing theme. Enlightenment through thought. Eudaimonia, ego dissolution, ideals, entheogen mythology, art, counterculture. A jumping off point for this season was the idea of cannabis, psychedelics, and all those and their thoughts who have historically been surrounding the atmosphere. From the likes of Terrence McKenna, Timothy Leary, and Alan Watts to the individuals funding current regimented scientific research on the effects of cannabis on the brain and behavior, and of course the political tone shift working to destigmatize the use of recreational marijuana. Psychedelics will directly alter consciousness and maybe in turn activate our inner life force. The only way out is through and Fall/Winter 2023 is an examination of yesterday, now, and tomorrow. Ironic quips presented in question form to inform fact. “Drug Free Body” a found vintage graphic printed in massive text on a t-shirt. “Marijuana Miracle or Myth?” printed on the back of an embossed nylon anorak. Marijuana is not a drug and never was unless you think it is? Maybe this isn’t about cannabis at all. As we say, our work is to incite thought. All opinions are our own and subject to change at any time. Are yours?

One of the woven trims we applied to many of the pieces of the collection is a take on vintage athletic apparel label. The Abc. logo is transformed into something more athletic with text that reads, “As Worn by America’s Top Minds.” Growing up in the 90’s, for us, marijuana use and athletics did not coexist. While cannabis is an aspect, what we are highlighting is the shift in thinking. What was, no longer is. Juxtaposition is a key concept for us as much as irony is. It is what makes any good stand up comedian compelling; their ability to find the heart of the truth. Enlightenment, mindfulness, the body, spirit, athletics, counterculture, basketball, and art, all work in cohesion almost as a stream of consciousness of people, places, things, and adjectives that define who this collection is for. Ultimately we view any Abc. product as something that represents and supports the bodies of the world’s top minds.

Included in the season are collaborations with iconic American brands: Vans, Pelican, and one yet to be announced but has been seen. The juxtaposition of sport, the mind, and consciousness aligned perfectly for the collection and our concepts for each collaboration feel well at home in the greater context of the season.