What is a draw?

Abc.'s draw system gives everyone an equal chance to buy a pair of sneakers.

How do I enter the draw?

You can enter the draw by checking out on advisoryboardcrystals.com. 

How does the draw work?

  • Entering the draw does not require a purchase.
  • Make sure your shipping and billing information is accurate at checkout.
  • If you win, you will receive an invoice via email from studio@advisoryboardcrystals.com to complete your purchase within 12 hours. 
  • If you do not complete the purchase within 12 hours, you will lose the opportunity to purchase the sneakers, and they will be offered to another raffle candidate. 

When will I know if I've won?

Winners will be notified via email with a tracking number for shipment. 

No refunds, returns, or exchanges.