Merrell for Advisory Board Crystals

“The Sacred Mountain: 2” collection embodies the archetypal journey towards enlightenment - think The Beatles or Steve Jobs go to India.
The “student” of life, immersed in profound contemplation seeking a deeper purpose…
It represents a harmonious blend of physical exploration and spiritual introspection. In this narrative, the mountain as metaphor is represented by the mythical Mt. Shasta, a place teeming with mystical lore and ancient legends. It is believed that Mt. Shasta harbors the spiritual energy of the Lemurians and the powerful crystals that sustain their hidden civilization.
Stylistically, this capsule collection merges the essence of Spring/Summer ‘24’s “Critical Thinking 2.” It is a confluence of Vintage Ivy League aesthetics, 60’s California mountaineering spirit, cultural nuances, and exploration. The collection captures transitional life phases and the critical thought processes during times of profound uncertainty…something we feel is relevant right now.