At Advisory Board Crystals, we believe in providing our community with the highest quality and authenticity of our products. To ensure that you have a genuine Advisory Board Crystals item, we have partnered with Certilogo, the leading authentication platform.

To authenticate your Advisory Board Crystals apparel, please follow the steps below:

  • Locate the Certilogo label: Look for the Certilogo label attached to your Advisory Board Crystals garment. It is a unique, alphanumeric code that ensures the authenticity of your item.
  • Visit our Certilogo authentication page: Go to our dedicated Certilogo apparel authentication page at [Insert URL] using your preferred web browser.
  • Enter the Certilogo code: Enter the alphanumeric code from the Certilogo label into the provided field on the authentication page.
  • Click "Authenticate": After entering the code, click the "Authenticate" button to initiate the verification process.
  • Verify the authenticity: Certilogo will analyze the code and provide you with instant results. You will receive a confirmation message indicating whether your Advisory Board Crystals apparel is authentic or potentially counterfeit.
  • Report any issues: If you receive a result indicating a potential counterfeit item, please contact our customer support immediately. We take counterfeiting seriously and appreciate your assistance in maintaining the integrity of our brand.

Please note that the Certilogo authentication page is accessible 24/7, allowing you to authenticate your Advisory Board Crystals apparel at any time.

Thank you for choosing Advisory Board Crystals. We are committed to providing you with genuine, high-quality products, and the Certilogo authentication process ensures your satisfaction and peace of mind.